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Odessa - Stitched

2,960.00 3,510.00

Shirt Fabric: Summer Cotton
Trouser Fabric: Summer Cotton

An ensemble that narrates the story of a magical flower that is struck by the ornate beauty of the gardens and cosmos!

Odessa flower portrays the lady as a beautiful loyal creation, too divine and innocent. The recurring motifs are from our traditional design library, symmetrical flowers rendered in wreaths, festoons, and bouquets add elegance to classic design. 

The kurta design radiates on a black summer fabric with screen printed bordered elements along with dominating floral motifs in grey with the empowering impact of mustard which marks the start of spring in a garden, a season of new energy, new beginnings. Advancing to stitching intricate details, edged with petite black lace and the arranged motif paired with matching trousers is also an example of how fashion can be sustainable and stylish all at once. Ajrak block prints are composed as fields of bright yellow mustard flowers blooming over dark hues, their brilliance and vibrancy creating a spirit of merriment.