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About Eraj Hussain

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It is a traditional aesthetics brand founded by Eraj Hussain, a Textile Design graduate from the prestigious Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (P.I.F.D.) in Lahore, heart of Pakistan.

We focus on representing women with rich heritage and culture of the subcontinent, and firmly believe in the philosophy of transforming the world with our unique Eastern style.


Brand Concept

Eraj (ایرج) means ‘crack of dawn’, it is a fresh take on eastern aesthetics and couture. The brand concept stays true to its name and assures that aesthetics strikes a balance between nostalgia and fashion-forward outlook.

Our brand depicts richness of Urdu literature or as we call it ‘Adabi ادبی’ culture that combines classic elegance with a contemporary flair. It embodies a way of life for the modern women who prefer artisanal and cultural integrity of the East.