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Kalila - Ready to Wear

3,640.00 5,200.00
Style: 1-Piece Stitched
Shirt Fabrics: Khaddar
Work Technique: Screen Printed

"Kalila," of Arabic origin, translates to "Sweetheart" or "Beloved." Beyond its literal meaning, the name conveys a deep sense of affection and cherished connection. When associated with women's strength, it reflects the inherent power found in love and compassion. She embodies resilience, kindness, and a nurturing spirit, drawing strength from the profound love she shares with others. Her enduring warmth and care become sources of empowerment, showcasing that strength can manifest in gentleness and love. Introducing our latest Screen-Printed Dress, a masterpiece of style and comfort. This kurta-cut ensemble is designed for those who appreciate both elegance and contemporary fashion. The dress features a trendy look, enhanced by the meticulous screen-printed. Practicality meets style with convenient side functional pockets, providing a modern twist to the traditional kurta. Immerse yourself in the seamless fusion of comfort and chic design. This is Single Piece dress. It can be paired up with black trouser.

Disclaimer: Actual product color may vary slightly from the image.